Fee Schedule for ADA International Credential Evaluation Service

All fees are shown in US$

Basic Report (one credential)

  • $150 Education or Degree Evaluation
  • $350 Work Experience (Or Combination of Education/Experience)
  • $500 Course By Course Evaluation (Required for Education/VSC/TN-1)
  • $400 Licensure


  • $ 0 Normal Delivery, 2 to 4 weeks, Free of Charge
  • $150 Express Delivery, 1-4 Days

NOTE: A "credential" is one partially or fully completed educational program leading to a certificate, diploma or degree. Each certificate, diploma or degree program you have taken is a separate credential.

  • $20.00 Each Additional Copy of Original Report
  • $50.00 Revised Report

If you submit additional documents in order to have a revised report completed, an additional fee of will be charged.

Acceptable Methods of Payment:

Fees must be paid in US dollars.

  • Bank Electronic Transfer

Please note that all fees are subject to change without notice.