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EIN No. : 98-0475361

Based upon the information supplied to us by all listed universities & affiliations, I Deborah Campbell, a member of the board of Approval Degrees Association (ADA), hereby believe that the fore mentioned universities and institutions are in compliance with the academic, curriculum and educational policies and regulations pursuant to accepted international standards and thereby approve their degree programs.

Image ADA understands, and is highly experienced in the interpretation of credentials, professional licensure and education obtained internationally or credential attained by alternative methods.

Deborah Campbell

Why do you need to have your credentials evaluated?

A person educated outside their country of residence can request his/her academic credentials evaluated to internationally accepted equivalents for a variety of reasons.

For Educational Purposes:

Academic recognition is required for individuals who are seeking entry to an educational institution. Students who wish to continue their studies need to present their educational achievements in appropriate format.

For Employment:

Professional recognition is important for entry to the labor market because the employers are unfamiliar with different formats of foreign qualifications. A wide range of employment opportunities are available all over the world. To explore these opportunities you must have a certified equivalent of your education.

For Immigration:

Whether you are applying for temporary or permanent residence your application will gain credibility with correct reference to your educational background.

In the some countries there is no government agency that provides such services.

A qualified foreigner wishing to apply for a visa to study or work in their country of residence needs a statement from a competent authority indicating that educational qualifications are comparable to the national requirements ADA is a recognized agency that facilitates transfer of academic records between educational institutions.

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