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ADA provides assistance to people in interpreting their educational achievements accomplished internationally. If you have completed part or all of your education outside your country of residence and now need to transform your academic credentials into the international equivalent we can help you. Our Evaluation of foreign educational credentials can be used for professional licensure, education (high school, undergraduate, and graduate admission), immigration, and obtaining employment abroad.

ADA - rapidly expanding independent organization. Qualified Educators in many countries all over the world have become members of a ADA Advisory Board or Affiliate Program. By building connections with educational institutions ADA promotes development of common rules for comparison between academic results from different countries. Through individual and institutional partnerships and development of an International network of member organizations, ADA works to prepare qualified people for success in a global age.

ADA - closer to its customers than any other credential evaluator. ADA offers convenient high-level expertise to colleges and universities through the chain of knowledgeable Evaluators. In most cases Evaluators are attached to a strictly defined group of educational institutions. Each Evaluator focuses on a small group of related cultures and develops maximum expertise in relation to these cultures.

What makes ADA really stand out among other similar organizations is its structure. A multinational team of dedicated educators located at major educational centers in many different countries around the world can communicate, share their knowledge and expertise, and contribute valuable educational information to the main office.

ADA - efficient. Unique software created by staff programmers allows certified Evaluators to utilize common data banks and issue required evaluations very efficiently. This organizational structure combines years of cumulative experience and latest research with new technology and fast communication. For our clients all this means - faster, better and reasonably priced services.

ADA - exclusive. Every Evaluation Certificate is issued a unique registration number which is recorded in our centralized database. It enables you or any institution of your choice to verify authenticity of your evaluations within seconds.

ADA - resourceful. ADA invests in latest technologies, development ties with educational institutions all over the world and constant expansion of its network of certified Evaluators. Our major goal is to standardize and make the process of transferring educational credentials to the required formats simpler, faster and easier with comprehensive and correct results.


What makes ADA really stand out:

  • Multinational team of knowledgeable evaluators residing in many different countries around the world.
  • Centralized support from our main office.
  • A unique software that allows Certified Evaluators to communicate and issue required evaluations very proficiently.
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