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All educational documents must be submitted in English, or accompanied with an English translation.

Note: Some organizations do not accept reports based on unofficial translations.

To obtain a list of certified translators in your country, please contact your local immigrant service agency or embassy.

If you submit an unofficial translation to (ADA), you may later submit a translation conducted by a certified English translator. ADA will revise your report to state that a certified translator conducted the translation submitted. There is a $50 fee if your report is revised in this way.

Credentials such as mark sheets, grade sheets, transcripts, diplomas, certificates, and grade books must be translated in their entirety, including any information that appears on the reverse side of any document.

For calendars, course outlines, and syllabuses, only those pages describing courses and other information specific to your credential need to be translated.

Translations may be conducted from original documents or copies of those documents. In either case, the translator must attach to each translation a signed copy of the educational document(s) on which the translation is based.

The document copy or copies accompanying the translation will be verified against the original documents submitted to (ADA).

All document copies submitted for evaluation must be stamped with the translatorís official stamp.

Note: The original credentials in the original language should also be submitted to (ADA).

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