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You must submit a full set of official educational documents for each fully or partially completed educational program to be evaluated. Copies must be provided for both the front and back of each document that you submit.

If you are unable to have official documents sent directly to ADA, you may submit originals or copies that are in your possession.

A full set of documents for a completed educational credential normally contains at least two parts:

The academic record, showing the courses or subjects studied, the grades earned, and the hours of study or number of credits for each course (may be called a transcript, detailed marks, examination report, extract, studentís book, index, or other name depending on the country from which it was issued.

The document awarded upon completion of the credential (may be called a diploma, certificate, degree certificate, degree, or other name depending on the country from which it was issued.

Secondary School Documents

If you are submitting secondary-school education for evaluation, please submit the documents that indicate completion of secondary school. If you took a comprehensive exam to gain admission to a post-secondary institution, submit the official results of that exam in addition to your secondary school documents.

Revised Reports

If you submit additional documents in order to have a revised report completed, an additional fee of $50.00 will be charged.

To apply for evaluation - submit the following documents:

  1. Clear and legible photocopies of all original academic records (diplomas, certificates, mark sheets, transcripts, course descriptions and hours if applicable).
  2. Accurate word-to-word translations of each submitted document (if applicable).
  3. Full payment for requested services including (if applicable) any additional services, additional copies of report, translation fees.
  4. Completed Application for International Credential Evaluation.

Please Note:

All documents issued in languages other that English must be accompanied by certified English translations


All copied documents must include every page front and back, full size. Photocopies of poor, illegible quality will delay processing of your application.


If your school does not provide original translations or official documents in English - please use recognized translation cervices. English translation must follow the same format as originals. Translation is not a substitute for a photocopy of original document.

Academic Records:

All academic documentation must be issued by institutions of origin. These records should indicate program of study, courses, subjects of study, credits or hours for each subject, resulting grades, degrees and qualifications.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) in the left menu to clarify other questions you may have.
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